Meeting My Great Grandson

Last week I traveled to New Mexico to meet my first great grandson. I was a bit worried when I entered the Portland Airport because of all the media attention to what you have to go through as far as security is concerned. I was pleasantly surprised when everything went smoothly. I did ring the buzzer but when I told them I had some metal put in my wrist when I broke it some time ago, all was well.

I was thinking about the trials, heat and length of travel for the wagon trains and marveling on our plane trip to New Mexico which took less than three hours! We have developed haven’t we? But I’m not at all sure our human natures are higher than they were back in wagon train history. I think we would be complaining wildly if we had to travel by wagon train today.

I didn’t see Olin, my first great grandson the night I arrived, but my daughter and I visited with my son and grandson and that was nice. I hadn’t seen my grandson, Austin, for a long time. I knew what would happen the next morning. Jim, my son, loves to show off the different spots in New Mexico that he visits. So we went to a place along the Rio Grand river. I didn’t realize there were trees galore there! We saw many of the flowers and other growing things too. The we went to Oldtown In Albuquerque. It was interesting to see Indian women sitting on the sidewalk selling their jewelry and rugs. The stores and hotels were built years ago and all looked like Mexico, adobe style. We saw a church that was built in 1706 and is still in use today. Then we went to where the Rocky mountains started. That was very interesting. You can’t believe it when you compare it to the Rockies further north.

Lane, my other grandson and Lynn, Jim’s wife, were in Florida where Lane got a job. They went there to see about Lane’s new job and to find a place for their little family to live. Leah and the baby, Olin, will fly there soon. Our next item on the tour was to meet Leah and my Great Grandson, Olin at a grand resort place. We ate in a covered patio. I was so happy to see Olin and meet his mother! I can’t tell you how it feels to see my great grandson except to say the fourth generation has begun. And even though my husband, Ed Thompson has died, the name Thompson has not died.

My daughter, JoAnne, and I spent the next day at Leah and Lane’s house, which was filled with the boxes she will take with her to Florida. I thought we should be helping but Austin and Leah had it all under control and Leah said we should spend as much time as we could with Olin. I, of course, was more than willing to do that!

Our trip home was not nearly as good as we had coming to New Mexico. In the first place, we were late getting started. Our plane had some trouble and had to stop in Denver for repairs. I hoped they got it repaired! Anyhow we got a late start. The pilot told us we would have to deplane at Phoenix because the “repaired” plane would have to be replaced. He told us that when we were up in the air so it did nothing to comfort us! We landed and had to walk a long distance to our next boarding place. (I was thankful that JoAnne had secured a wheelchair for me.) So, we got a late start from Phoenix. On our way to Portland we were hit by lightening. That really scared all of us. I could tell because it was so quiet in the plane. The pilot came on to tell us the plane was made to withstand lightening hits but the plane would be looked at to see if there was any damage at Portland. (A little late, wouldn’t you say?)

We made it home at 2:15 am. We were scheduled to be in at 11:40pm. But it was a good trip and I got to meet my first Great Grandson, Olin. What more can I ask


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