Red And Yellow, Black Or White! Yes, All Children Are Precious!

I remember the day my husband and I, and our two little children, were out driving in a country lane. The children were fighting long and loud. Eddie couldn’t take it anymore. We had tried and failed to make the kids behave so he stopped the car and told the kids to get out. Now, of course he wasn’t planning to go very far, but the kids were scared! When they got back into the car they were little angels and all of us enjoyed the trip.

I thought about those little ones staying in cages along our southern border. Many of those little ones were sold to the drug cartel to take them to America. I imagine the parents thought they would be safe there. Their countries were in turmoil! But, in fact, many of them were sold as sex slaves or killed. Those who made it, somewhere around 65,000 of them were put into cages marked “3 years old,” “4 years old,” etc. A three year old child cannot see his eight year old brother. Not only were the children separated from their parents but now they are separated from their brothers or sisters.

What they are going through is, of course, much worse than what my little ones went through but when I looked at my kids I saw fright in their eyes. What must those children be feeling? We forget abut that. We are making politics run ahead of our hearts. The churches around them are feeding them, and people are giving them clothes and blankets. Those things are fine but what are we doing? We must forget politics and take care of these kids. Sure, we need an immigration policy but right now we need to care for these children. No one has ever needed a loving arm around them as much as they. No one ever needed a warm bed or food to eat as much as they.

You don’t have any money left? You can get down on your knees and pray for these children. God can do far more than we can if only we ask. And if you set another place at your table you’ll find there will be food for at least one of those children. Let’s do what we can, shall we?

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