The Pond Strikes Back

My Pond!

A few weeks ago I told you that I was building a pond. I did that and was quite proud of my accomplishment. I  built a  waterfall and the water trickled down quite nicely over the rocks in my pond. Around the pond there were ferns and a big rhododendron. I placed a little boy made of iron who was fishing in the pond. I also placed a plastic duck, dog and deer among the the rocks.

One day I was placing solar candles around the pond and I fell in backwards and I didn’t feel that I was part of my decorations. I was wondering how I could get out of there as I was laying on my back. I decided to turn around and get on my hands and knees. Now, remember that I am in my 80s and turning around in the water was no small effort on my part, but I made it! When I stood outside my pond dripping from head to foot all I could say was “Thank you God”. I didn’t appear to be hurt anyplace but on my right wrist. It could have been my hip or someplace that would have made me immobile for the rest of my life.

It was another episode in my life where I knew God was leading me and taking care of me. Why are we so slow to give God the credit for even the little things in life? I’ve even seen people blaming God when things go wrong. I guess that shows they believe God exists. But he has never said that if we believed in him our lives would be smooth and happy all the time. It is a narrow, bumpy road we walk on if we believe. The wide, paved road is left for those who do not believe is how the Bible puts it.

I did sprain my right wrist and my fingers when I fell so I have had quite a time getting around. I told you  a while ago that my left knee is bone to bone and really my left leg is no good for me anymore. I used a cane and a walker to get around, but imagine when my right wrist is in a cast and my left leg is no good, I am having trouble getting anywhere. I am still thankful that I wasn’t hurt anymore than I was. And my wrist will soon be healed so all will be well.

It’s hard to think about all the things that are happening in our world today. Personally, I pray every day for the Christians who are being slaughtered and left without water or food in other countries. I am glad that President Obama has agreed to allow planes to drop food and water to where they are. we must not worry about little things that happen to us but remember to pray every day for them.



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