Where Has The Summer Gone?

Our summer has been a crazy one, hasn’t it? Our Congress hasn’t done much to help us out either. I guess whatever the House of Representatives puts out, the Senate refuses to vote on or else the President vetoes it. I’m not sure, but I think the House has worked better with the Senate in past years where Republicans are in the majority of the House and Democrats are in the majority of the Senate. It would be nice if everyone could get along, but our summer proves that we don’t get along well in any case.

Let’s see, Congress is still fighting about the IRS scandal and the Veteran Hospitals problem. We have problems all over the world. We are scared of the Muslim extremists yet we are scaling down our military force. We have children by the thousands arriving in America illegally and we don’t seem to know what to do with them. Christians over seas are being tortured, their heads are being cut off, they are dying of hunger and their churches are being burned and many of the rest of us are doing nothing about it. And now we have police and ordinary people fighting it out in Ferguson. I’d say this summer has been crazy, wouldn’t you? We can hope that all of us can pray that our country will return to normal, and soon!

Yet, completely oblivious of everything else, our children and their parents are at the stores buying the clothes and school supplies they will need. Yes, school is about to start. Little ones are a bit frightened about leaving home. Bigger children are both excited about going back to school and leaving their summertime fun behind. Parents are sad and worried about sending their children, who have become adults, away to college. Maybe we should keep our eyes on these and other good things.

Living from day to day, loving our families and our neighbors, doing what we can about things going on around us and loving God, leaving it up to Him the world’s problems, is the best way of all. Isn’t it fun to get the kids ready for school, even though it costs a lot of money? Doesn’t it give you a good feeling to breathe in the fresh air of fall? Don’t you enjoy looking at the beautiful colors of the leaves? And, how about football, either your son playing with his high school team, or college and professional teams? It’s all good and we’re glad to be alive, aren’t we?


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