The Day My Brother Met The Train

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I have  always been intrigued by the sound of a train Whistle. Sometimes it’s a lonely sound and sometimes it’s a happy sound, but in either case I liked it. I live in a wooded area and don’t often hear the sound anymore, but the other day i heard the whistle of a train going who knows where? It always brings a memory or two with it. I’ll tell you one today.

My brother, Jerry, whom we all called “Sonny” was a year younger than I which probably meant that our experiences were often shared, but we didn’t share in this one. He constantly sucked his thumb. I saw how contented he was while  sucking away either by sitting on a box by the wood heated kitchen stove or sleeping in his little red wagon. I wished I could feel that contentment and tried to suck my thumb but it didn’t taste good at all! Mama wanted him to quit that awful nonsense. So one day she glued feathers on his thumb while he was asleep. When he awoke he was scared to see the feathers and ran to Mama crying. She told him they would continue growing there unless he quit sucking his thumb. It didn’t work though. He sucked the feathers off.

One day he took his little red wagon and the two of them went on a trip. He got tired so he laid down in his wagon and sucked his thumb. He went to sleep but never realized he stopped on the railroad tracks! The depot agent went out of his office to see if the track was clear. He saw something was on the tracks and heard the train whistle telling him the train was near. He hurried to take whatever was on the tracks off. He was surprised when he saw Sonny asleep in his wagon and took him off just in time. He pulled the little red wagon with the boy inside home to Mama and Daddy and together they cried. I was surprised that they were all crying. Sonny was okay. God had been taking care of him! Sometimes we don’t even think about the times when he was in control. He is always there.

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