Birthdays Aren’t the Only Thing That Has changed

Today, as I write this, is my husband’s birthday. I wonder why we remember the birthdays of those who have gone better than we remember those who are still with us. Or is this just me? I remember my grandmother’s birthday, even though she’s been gone over 50 years, it’s August 31. My dad’s is August 28th, my mom’s is May 12, My brother’s, October 4 and my sister’s is December 7th, an easy one to remember because it fell on Pearl Harbor day. All of these people have gone home to Jesus, but I still remember their birthdays.

Birthdays, at least in my family, seem to be lost somehow. Oh we celebrate them but never on the day, rather as many as three weeks later, or any day when everyone can get together. I hope your family doesn’t do that. I find myself going along with it but I don’t like it. I find myself sitting alone on my birthday, feeling a little sorry for myself. I wonder if my children don’t feel the same. We do celebrate the grandchildren’s birthdays but most of them have grown up and joined the three weeks later group. My two young granddaughters have always had the celebrations on the day of their birth, but I’ve noticed that we older folks have even put their days off “until later”. It’s a good thing that they still have their parties with their friends!

I think birthdays are really important though, don’t you? We always remembered George Washington’s birthday was on February 22 and Abraham Lincoln’s was on February 12th. I remember them mostly because we got out of school on both those days! Later on, we had a day off on alternate days. One year we got out of school on Washington’s birthday and the next year we got off on Lincoln’s. Still later, we lumped them all together and had President’s day. Now, I don’t think we remember them at all! It seems to tell the story about how civilization has changed, doesn’t it? I wonder. Will we ever go back to the way America was? It wasn’t just birthdays you know. It’s everything, like Christmas and prayer is legal everywhere. Oh there are so many things in America that need a real cleaning up. Whose job is it? All of us It’s true.



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