Our Home In The Woods

TAG NatureI have lived in my home in the woods for 50 years! People told me I shouldn’t buy that house  because it was a scary place to live with all those big trees, but I loved it and love it still. I prayed that God would protect me and my children and he has. I was a single mother when I bought it and after I remarried we raised four children here. Most of them have returned to live here during their troubled times. My husband has died and I still live on in my home in the woods. I don’t live here alone though, my son lives with me.

About 20 years ago our world, at least in my mind, changed. No longer did we just have abortion, we now used it as a form of birth control and even used the little baby’s torn body in our face cream! Men began to lust more and more after men and woman lusted after woman. Our schools changed too. There was no more Christmas and our history books took out a lot of our history. I still lived in my home in the woods.

When our city decided to extend 87th avenue, I was in favor because even though they had to take out a bunch of trees, it would give people living north of our city greater access to our hospital, but I wasn’t prepared for street number 15. I guess the city thought that the new 87th avenue gave them the right to take out more trees and build a completely new housing area in the woods, only they took out the woods. They put in more streets and over a hundred homes! It didn’t effect us much because the trees were still there to the east of us. It wasn’t as quiet as before and we could see a little bit of one house.

We felt comforted as they couldn’t go any further into the woods. There was a deep ravine running north and south which they couldn’t penetrate. Well, two weeks ago they penetrated! They built a bridge over the ravine and yesterday our woods disappeared! We felt the earth shake as one by one the big, over 150 feet tall,fir trees fell to  the ground. It was a sad day. They told my son that they will still cut eight trees and the builders will first build one house. Oh we still have woods to the west of us. but it isn’t the same. It won’t be long until our area north of us will have hundreds of homes and no trees!

My son says, “Won’t it be great when we will have a view of Mt. St. Helens?” but our home in the woods is on a hill. I”m sure that all we will see is rooftops. I thought we were to keep all these old trees. They have disappeared along with the deer, raccoons and coyotes as these have disappeared more and more as the city has infringed on their property.

I suppose I too will disappear but I hope I can still live here in my home in the woods while the remaining woods remains. I pray that no more trees will be cut while I live. God is good!

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