It’s October, Let’s Praise The Lord!

It’s October and my three favorite months are here! October, November and December are favorite months, not only for me but for many of you.  I am not a fan of Halloween, but I do love October for the colors of the leaves, the pumpkins, squash and just the crisp, cold air. And I love the time when we curl up with a good book in front of the fireplace too. And, of course Football starts in October!

November offers more of the same things as October, but we have Thanksgiving Day in November. I love the day more than the turkey and pumpkin pie. It’s the day we should thank God for all his blessings and it is the day when family members get together, even if they spend most of the day watching their favorite football team.

December starts with making sure everything is ready to give the family, and planning the decorations you will use inside and outside the house. I hope all of you give special time to that baby who was born in a manger. To often we get so busy we forget that Jesus birthday is in December too.

In all these things we should praise God. Let me list some of the reasons we should praise him: We praise him for his glory displayed in all the creatures of the earth. Praise him for  the snow, in the rain or in the wind. Praise him for the love he has for each of us.

Praise him even with the hand to the broom, the back bent in laying the fire, the head bent in grief or any work you have to do. Even praise him for the voices of the season,the crunching snow while walking, the song of the birds in springtime, the freedom of summer and the months of October, November and December. We also should praise him for all the beauty we see around us. But mostly we should offer him praise for who he is, that he cares for each of us and gave us his Son so that we could live eternally with him.

Let’s just praise him for everything, especially now, the months of October, November and December. Happy months to all of you!



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