Let’s All Smell The Roses

I was listening to the news the other day. None of it was good! I heard about the Ebola scare going on, but nothing about how the folks living in North Africa are feeling. It must be tough for them. I heard about the terrorist group who has a different title just about every day. They seem to enjoy taking the heads off people! They are getting quite a bit of space in our news these days, and I imagine they really enjoy that. I heard about the bad things happening in our own country but very little about the good things. We need to smell the roses more today than ever before.

Hearing the news has prompted me to get more out of life, to small the roses, so to speak. The leaves are beginning to change colors here in Washington state. I thought about taking a trip out in the country to look at them. But then I knew there is little chance of that. I don’t drive anymore and getting my busy children to take me is not feasible. My thoughts changed. Why not look at the colors around my home? I took a walk with my little dog, Sonny, and saw all kinds of colors in trees. And there will be much more. I looked at the men cutting trees from our woods. I’ve been very upset about that! But the other night, as I sat out by my pond with my daughter, I saw the stars in the sky! I’ve never seen any stars around here. The trees have covered them all up! Now, I’ll go out by my pond every night the skies are clear to see them.

Here are a few suggestions about smelling the roses. How about taking the kids out fishing on Saturday? Or how about visiting that lonely widow who lives near you? She will enjoy that and you will enjoy her talking about the good old times she had. Or how about going to church on Sunday. You have been talking about that long enough. Maybe it’s time to go on a date with your special lady? Or how about spending more time with the Children God has given you? There are so many times you can smell the roses. We need to do that because our world is in a mess but when we look at the good things, and there are many of them, our attitude changes, doesn’t it?














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