I Believed In Fairy Tales

When I was a little girl, our family worshipped in an old fashioned church. It had high ceilings and an even higher steeple. Now you only see these churches in Christmas cards. I can still  see myself and my brother sitting in the front pew any time I want, even if it happened over 70 years ago. Mama is busy playing the hymns on the pump organ. And when I say busy I mean busy! You see she had to pump hard with her feet in order to get enough air to make a sound when she played on the keys.

Daddy was the pastor and when it got time for the sermon he’d go into his office where there were steps leading, it seemed to me, up to heaven! He would appear again in a white trimmed with gold room high above the people sitting in the pews. It was the place where he spoke a long time. I waited for the “Amen”. Sonny and I waved at him when he appeared up there and sometimes he waved back.

I didn’t listen to much of what he said, but I heard about God and Jesus and I really liked the story of Jesus being born in a stable and I liked the hymns Mama played at Christmas time too. The whole thing sounded to me like a fairy tale, much like Cinderella in my fairy tale book. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered God was real. And he loved me just as I was! And Jesus really was born in a stable. He lived to love the people around him, even the little children. But he died, killed by the bad men who hated him.

Still later, I learned and believed that Jesus died for me, even though I was often mean to my brother! He came back to life again and showed himself to many people and he is with his father, God, in heaven. He is listening to our prayers. He sent the Holy Spirit to guide us too. He wants us to live right and always tell the truth.

I wonder sometimes, do some of the people who say they are Christians still believe the story of Jesus and God is a fairy tale? They don’t always tell the truth and they live like they don’t believe. They go shopping or on a picnic on Sunday Mornings instead of worshipping in church. I hope they truly believe because he is coming again to get those of us who really do believe, We want to be ready, don’t we?



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