We Need More Circle Maker Prayers In America!

I have been reading The Circle Maker, by Mark Batterson and it has taught me not to pray as I have, but to pray without ceasing and to pray for what needs to happen, but praise Him for what He has already done in that prayer. That idea is spread all through the Bible, especially in the book of Joshua where the people marched around the city seven times and the city’s walls fell down. After that was done, God said, “See what I have given you?”

Mr. Batterson begins his book by telling about a man, Honi, who lived in the first century before Christ was born. A drought was in the land and the eccentric sage still believed God would answer prayer though most of the people living at that time didn’t. Honi drew a circle and kept growing circles around him and then he prayed for rain. He didn’t give up, but prayed for days, sitting inside the circle. Then rain came but it was so heavy that people were complaining so he prayed for a gentle rain and right away the heavy rain turned to a gentle rain. It is a story you would enjoy reading.

Mr. Batterson’s story is about his own circle making prayers and it does work! I have decided many of us could pray that way. America needs our prayers as never before. We could lose all of our freedoms. Many of us have wondered what we could do to change all of this. We are told to “Stand up” often enough and maybe that going to the voting box just isn’t enough. Let’s try drawing a circle around a picture of America and start praying to bring our country back to what it was. We can’t really circle America but with our picture of the circle we can pray, and pray until we see things begin to change and then praise Him for what he has already done. It wouldn’t hurt to fast at the same time!

If this worked for Honi and Mr. Batterson, why wouldn’t it work for us? It will, and I’m going to start by drawing my circles today. How about you?


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