I wish They Were Still Around

TAG FamilyI see young folks looking at their smart phones all the time. It seems as though their eyes are glued to the screens. They don’t see the colored leaves or the blue skies any more. I think spending a day in the 30’s would be good for them. For instance they would walk to school and come home with chores to do along with their home work. They would do their home work using a tablet, which was sheets of paper held together with a cardboard cover and backing. Their chores would be to chop and carry in wood for the stoves, make sure that there was enough water in the reservoir and water cooler. If not, they had to carry water from the pump outside, and help with dinner preparations. These are the things I did, but if you lived on a farm there would be more to do like milking the cows or gathering eggs.

If you needed to go to the bathroom, you’d go outdoors to the outhouse and instead of toilet paper you had a sheet or two of the sears catalog to use. If there was a little time left before bed time you would make up your own games and play outside, even if there was snow on the ground. And bathing was done in the wash tubs, the cleanest kid had his bath first!

There was no electricity so you had to make your own music. Most homes had a piano but some had only a guitar but everyone gathered around and sang the songs that were popular  like “Put on your old gray bonnet, with the blue ribbons on it and hitch old dobbin to the sleigh.” or “My buddy”. There were stories too and usually there was a story teller to tell them.

It would be quite a change for our young people wouldn’t it? But we young people had fun too! I don’t know but I think going back would be more fun than gazing at their smart phones or tablets all the time.

I got tired writing all the things we did in the 30’s!  I guess the television sets, computers, cell phones and tablets have their places in today’s world. However, I think the young people should take their eyes off their smart phones and tablets to see what’s going on in the world! Don’t you?



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