Voting Day, 1934

TAG SpiritualDo you like mail-in voting? I don’t. Maybe you don’t have it yet. A letter comes to your mailbox and inside is another envelope you mail back inside another envelope. Inside all of this is your vote. It sounds very secret and I’m sure it is, but the fun of voting day is lost.

I’m thinking today about Voting day, 1934. I may have the date wrong, but I don’t have the memory wrong. Voting Day was a real holiday to our family. Mom prepared a special meal for later on and they dressed up like it was Sunday. When Sonny and I got home from school, Dad sat us down and told us about voting. He said many people in other lands didn’t have the right to vote and we should never forget that. He said that freedom is so right for our country and we must never take our freedoms lightly. When we got old enough, we must always vote. Then they took us with them to the voting place. When we got home, Mom completed her meal and the Fredricksons came over to eat with us. It was a holiday!

It was a different kind of day and I’ve never forgotten what Voting Day was like when I was a little girl.  It certainly isn’t like a holiday today, Is it? I wonder if that isn’t the reason so many of our freedoms seem to be disappearing today. We don’t take our freedoms seriously any more. It seems Halloween has taken the place of Christmas and I don’t think we should take this and other things that are wrong. Why don’t we, who believe in freedom for America, all stand up together and say “We want our country back!”. I know there are many people who feel like I do, but we should say so.

I hope none of you threw that letter in your waste basket like it was junk mail. Even though we don’t honor the day like we used to, that letter is very important and you should know just which boxes you want to color. Don’t ever take your freedoms lightly. They just might disappear!


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