Why Do We Have A Thanksgiving Day Anyhow?

Why do We Have A Thanksgiving Day anyhow? Is it the day before Black Friday, the day the stores are open longer and people go from store to store looking for bargains? Is it the day to watch football games and eat lots of treats while you are watching? Is it the day we bring in Christmas, as far as our music and decorating is concerned? Is it Turkey Day? Or is it the day the family all gets together to eat a fabulous dinner?

I don’t think any of those things were originally the reasons for having a Thanksgiving Day. I have read most of the proclamations of Thanksgiving by American Presidents and most of them say it is a day to give thanks to God for our freedom, a  prayer of thanks for our military men and women and for our families.

Why have we mishandled this beautiful day? Oh we have a dinner and say a prayer before we dive in but that seems to be all. The men hurry to the television set to watch the football game and the women spend their time planning the shopping trip they will begin around midnight.

Why don’t we set Thanksgiving Day aside as a special day to give thanks for all things. It might be a good idea to have each family member tell things he or she is thankful for. These are not big ideas but they do start a conversation and that is always good. Let’s forget about shopping, Christmas or football games until another day. This day is to give thanks for the things that have happened to you over the past year. If you have had bad luck this past year, you can aways find something you are thankful for.

Think of the dinner all prepared by volunteers for those people who are homeless or lonely. Maybe you even gave some money to those volunteers. Isn’t that something to give thanks for? I am talking as much for myself and my family. I hope this year we will really give thanks. How about you?




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