A Thanksgiving Day I’ll Never Forget

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What is gratitude? Isn’t it that we should be thankful to God for all his benefits and to be thankful always to those who care for us like our military, police and firemen? Of course, that we should do on Thanksgiving Day as well as every day. But how about that poor family you know of, that single mom who you know doesn’t have much to live on or that widow who lives alone in the house she used to share with her husband and children. We should also think about the homeless folks. In this day of high prices and low employment, there are many, some whole families, living in their automobiles! Yes, we should not only think about them but do something like visiting them and bringing them something they need even if it is only a visit.

Today, I’m thinking about our little Hideaway chapel that I led from 1971 to1992. We always gave groceries and a turkey to families the school told us needed food at thanksgiving time. One year we gave eight baskets. My husband and I delivered one to a mother and son who lived in a small trailer in the woods.They were both inside and had no heat. It was a cold November day. She told us her husband had left with their only car and had never returned. She was ill and could not go out to get work.

They were left with their travel trailer and only the food in the trailer. The son, nine years old, had walked to the nearest town and asked if anyone had a job he could do. He told people his story but nobody believed him. The man running a grocery store finally gave him some groceries he was about to throw out. The boy was happy and went home to his mother.

We gave them the basket and my husband gave him the money he had in his wallet. They were overjoyed! We went into town and told the story to the police. They said they would go out there and bring them into town. They would see that they were taken care of. We have checked on them and found the mother is better and has a job. The boy is attending the local school and they live in an apartment. But what would have happened if we didn’t have those Thanksgiving baskets?

Maybe there wis someone who needs your help this cold season of the year?


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