How It All Began, My own Christmas Stories

000cwIt’s a good thing to think about the Baby Jesus during this Advent season. It prepares us for a real Christmas celebration. For these four weeks in December I will give you something to think about. These stories, of course, are not true. They are just as I imagined, stories that were not told in the Bible. The Bible tells us that Jesus was born in the little town of Bethlehem and that is important to  all of us.

000maryMary was just fourteen years old that time when the angel came to her. She was lying in her bed when the angel arrived. The angel looked like anyone living in her little town, Nazareth but she was surprised to see a man standing by her bed. The man said, “Fear not, I have come to tell you that the Holy Spirit will come to you and you will be pregnant.”

“But how can this be? I have never been married and the man I am engaged to would never have sex with me until we are married.”

“But this baby will be the Son of God,” the angel said.

“I will accept anything God wants,” she answered quietly.

She told Joseph what the angel had said, but Joseph was worried about how the town would react to Mary being pregnant and he prepared to leave her. One day, as he was walking in the woods nearby thinking about the problem, a man suddenly appeared. Joseph was frightened because there were many robbers around. But he knew it was an angel when the man said, ” Fear not! You are so worried about Mary. Don’t be. Mary’s Child will be just as she told you. She is carrying the Son of God. You should marry her soon.”

“I will do as you say,” Joseph said, and he went to find Mary to tell her an angel had come to him telling him to marry her soon. She was overjoyed at this news.

The couple was married a few weeks later, but Mary was beginning to show. The baby inside her was starting to grow and the town people were angry. They didn’t believe a girl should be pregnant before marriage. In fact, there was a law that girls would be stoned to death if that happened. Now that Joseph and Mary were married, they didn’t know what to do. So they left them alone and I mean alone! Most to them didn’t even talk to them, and when they passed by them they tossed harsh words to them. It was a harsh and troubled time for both Mary and Joseph.

That is how I saw the months Mary was waiting for her baby and Joseph was taking care of her. It must have been a hard time! Next week Ill be telling you about the message from the governor and them having to go to Bethlehem.



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