The Wise men, Are You One?

I realize I have been quite irregular in my blog writing lately. I am sorry but the Christmas story is still with us. We know that the Wisemen came to see the Christ child when he was in a house, but how he got there and how long he stayed isn’t mentioned in the Bible. So, I made up my own story and here it is:

The shepherds told everyone in Bethlehem about the Holy Child who was born in the stable as they were heading back to their sheep. Some laughed at what the shepherds said, but others went to see the child, one was an elderly widow.

“This is no place for you to stay. I live alone and have the space for all of you. Come home with me right away. It’s too cold for you here.” said the elderly widow.

“Oh, we don’t want to put you to all that trouble,” said Joseph. ” We’ll just stay here until Mary is strong enough to make the trip back home.”

“Well, Mary will get stronger sooner in my house than in this cave. Get your things together and come to my house,” ordered the widow.

So Mary and Joseph did just that and they followed the widow who picked up the baby and led the little family to her house. When they got there they saw she kept a cozy little house and Mary relaxed right away. The baby seemed to know they were in a good home and he went to sleep as soon as the widow made a place for him.

In no time at all the little family felt at home in the little house. They learned that the widow’s name was Sarah and that she was a good cook too.

One day Sarah heard knocking at her door so she went to open it. She was surprised to see the three men standing there. They were dressed like Noblemen from a far country, but they wanted to see the King! She looked up and saw the star shining above the house. She brought the men to where the baby was resting in Mary’s lap. The men fell down at the baby’s feet and worshiped Him. Sarah, knowing suddenly that the baby was a holy baby fell down and worshiped him too.

The little family stayed with Sarah until one night when an angel came to Joseph and said, “King Herod has ordered all babies in Bethlehem would soon be killed and Joseph should take Mary and the baby to Egypt where they would be safe. so they left Sarah’s house late at night. Sarah didn’t want them to leave but after Joseph told her about the angel coming to  him, she hurried to get some food together for their journey.

I have heard the phrase, Wise men still seek him. Are you one of them? Sarah saw the baby as just one more baby until the wisemen kneeled down at the baby’s feet. Then she too kneeled down and worshiped at his feet. Are you willing to do the same?

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