The Winter blues for kids

I watched the television news in horror the other day, Some cities are passing a law against sledding. The news went on to explain that kids can get hurt sledding down hills and that’s why they are making this law. What about parents? Don’t they get to have any control anymore? I understand  schools have outlawed playing tag these days and some of the playground equipment has been taken down because they are too dangerous for kids. Maybe they want all children to sit all day playing video games.

What a change! the first thing I did after a snowfall, and believe me we had a bunch of them in Northern Minnesota where I grew up, was to get out the sled and find a place to slide. There weren’t many hills there but we found ditches! there was usually water in the bottom after the first snowfall but that didn’t matter. If I get bawled out it’s by my mom and dad, not by some city council making a law against sledding down a ditch into water!

Kids get hurt. That’s a tragedy and I feel badly about that but parents should make family laws talking to their kids about safety and lots of other things. We seem to be on a slippery slope toward not really being parents! I have heard politicians say children belong to the country.

How about changing the laws like that? We can do it by our vote. Get involved. Find out who makes silly laws and who works hard to preserve our freedoms. That’s what we need.

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