The State Of The Union

The president is going to speak tonight (as I write this). I wonder if he will remember to talk about the 18 trillion dollars we owe! Or the fact that there are still people looking for employment. I guess many of them have given up and taken part time work. Or, another important part of his message should be the Islamic terrorists cells that are already in our country ready to pounce on us at any time. How about Immigration? Or have we let in enough drug cartels or terrorists to take care of whatever they need to do so we don’t have to close our borders?

I guess I ask too much. I have heard that he is planning to put another tax on us, That probably will take up much of his time. I do wish he would at least solve part of our problems. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

America is a great country. It is a beautiful country full of good people, all trying to raise their families. We must take some time to stand up and try to do something about our problems. At least we have the power of our vote and prayer. Pray for America. God is in control and he will listen if we pray. It says in the Bible that if we humble ourselves and pray and ask for forgiveness he will hear our prayers and heal our land. That’s a promise he makes and it would be good if all of us did what he asks us to do.

I don’t know if listening to his speech will do any good except raise my blood pressure. I am a Portland Trailblazer fan and they are also playing basketball tonight soooooo?


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