The Right President!

How do you like the Republican majority in Congress? They had 12 items on their agenda they planned to work on the first few weeks. They recently scrubbed four of them, all of which seemed important to me, They were immigration, abortion, education and health care, (instead of getting rid of Obama care they will just change it).

I felt very sorry about that but I suppose they used some kind of logic in their decision, It proved to me how important it is for all of us to study the candidates for president during the next year so we can be sure we are voting for the right person. I like Dr. Carson right now. I will probably change that several times during the next year, but he seems to believe like me so far. I know I have discounted Jeff Bush and Mitt Romney because of one item. They believe that the Common Core is a good thing to put in our school system, and here is the reason why I am against Common Core. I don’t think the Federal government should be in charge of our education in the first place. How the state of Georgia feels about their children and how they should be educated may be different from the state of New Jersey, don’t you think? Education should be in the hands of the states I believe. Personally, I would abolish the National Board of Education! (but who am I?) There are several things about Common Core that seem wrong, but that is the main reason.

That brings me back to when I went to school. It was in the 30’s and 40’s in Northern Minnesota. We had only one teacher for several grades but we got it done! The older kids helped the younger ones with their arithmetic, reading or writing and that gave the older kids some review which never hurts! I don’t believe the people of my age suffer because of lack of knowledge, do you? We ushered in the age of manufacturing and Industry in which radio and television, the beginnings of high technology, began, and who doesn’t read the classic books that were written then?

I could go on and tell you why we have to do something about abortion too. God really punished the people who were worshipping false gods in the Old Testament. They were burning their children alive, all because one of their false god’s demanded it. I imagine he is angry at us for the murder of nearly five million babies over the years when abortion was legal. Now, it has gotten so bad that we are murdering babies right when they are born. What is wrong with us?

A change in immigration is needed too. How many terrorists and drug cartel members have come through our gates? Americans are immigrants, there’s no doubt about that, but our grandparents came in here the legal way. I know my grandmother came in through Ellis Island. But how come those thousands of kids came here illegally. I don’t know. Who told them to come? Someone must have been in charge!

It all comes down to this: We must find ourselves a good president. So, don’t make your decision on voting day. Study the people who are running so you know in certain you are voting for the best president possible and pray for wisdom. Maybe you will vote for the same one that millions of people will vote for too- – the right president!


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