Is Valentines Day More Important Than George Washington’s Birthday?

This month is February, 2015. Valentines Day is coming. This is an important day because we think about love. We need love today more than ever, but is it more important than George Washington’s birthday? I used the box all decorated with hearts and put inside the Valentines for all of my classmates just as they do now. I was excited, especially when the boy I liked that year sent me a card, just like the kids today are. But today there is very little said about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. We have a President’s Day but this seems to cover every president we have had.

When I was a youngster we didn’t have school on either Washington’s or Lincoln’s birthday but before each day we had pageants depicting things that each men had done for our country. On each day we certainly were aware of whose birthday we were celebrating. Our founding fathers are forgotten today and are barely mentioned in the history books. Our children don’t have the knowledge of these men or how our country came into existence. That is a shame.

We do see George Washington’s picture and he looks really dressed up. He certainly didn’t look that way during the battle of Valley Forge. It was winter time and most of his men had worn out pants and some of them had no shoes. They had spent the last 12 hours crossing the Delaware river during a severe snowstorm. He had his wife make pants for all of his men. They won that war even though they were greatly outnumbered and didn’t even have shoes.

Washington  was known as the man that couldn’t die. He went through several battles and many said he was in their sights and they were ready to shoot but somehow or other he was never shot. God made sure that he lived! He prayed for our country and for his men all the time. I believe God was his partner.

George Washington and all the founding fathers worked hard in order to form our United States of America and to give us the freedoms which seem to be taken away today. our freedoms are passing away and it is up to us to stand up for our freedoms. If we would only remember how our founding fathers worked to secure our freedoms, we would work hard to maintain them.

I will write a bit about Abraham Lincoln next week. I was talking to someone a while ago who thought Abraham Lincoln was a founding father with George Washington! Doesn’t that show how little is taught today about our history? We need to change all of that,


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