What Would You Do?

Now we have 21 young Christian men wearing orange jumpsuits standing with their heads bowed. Issis men dressed in black are ready to take the 21 heads off! We have been told that everyone captured have the option of renouncing their faith or be killed. What would you do? These men decided that they were willing to die for their faith.

I looked at the picture and picked one of the men standing there to pretend he was me. I was very frightened when the option of renouncing my faith or die was presented to me.  But I thought my God was great and His Son died for me. Was I strong enough to die for Him? It was an exhilarating moment for me! I kept my faith and decided I would die for Him. But it was me, sitting in my comfortable chair just pretending I was that guy standing there in the orange jumpsuit. I have no idea what this man was thinking at that moment.

It is becoming a dangerous world out there and Christians are targeted to hear that option. We can’t pretend any more that we won’t have Isis men taking us out of our homes. We have to stand up and do whatever we can to help the Christians who live in the area where Issis is working now. Tomorrow they might be standing at  our doorstep. Are you doing what you can, praying for the Christians overseas? Also, pray for these men who are cutting off heads. They must be terribly misguided and angry. Pray that they have a clear moment when they know right from wrong.

It is hard to know what to do when we actually see 21 brothers standing there waiting for the sound of the knife, or whatever, to take their heads off. We have to know we must do something for our brothers and sisters who are facing these wrongs today. We can pray. We can call or write our President or our members of congress to do something about the problem. All of us must stand up for Christians all over the world.


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