Spring is here!

Yesterday, a friend and I were commenting on the buds which were on the trees around here. You actually can see the pinks and yellow buds telling us that flowers will soon be seen and smelled. And it’s still February!  I hope we don’t have a season of winter weather because those little buds will freeze!

I do feel sorry for the people who live east of here. They must be tired of the snow by now. but for us. living in the Pacific Northwest, we are experiencing Spring. The sun is shining and I am just itching to get outdoors and start working in my yard.

Do you remember Spring cleaning? It seems to be gone in today;s world. I remember when the house smelled like lysol and all the furniture in the house was moved so we could take the rugs outside and pound the dust out of them. The curtains were taken off the windows and washed and the cupboards were emptied so we could wash inside and out. Even the mattresses were taken off the beds and brought outside in the sunshine. Oh, it was an awfully hard time for everyone in the family but when it was all done our house looked and smelled brand new!

Spring seems to be a kind of resurrection doesn’t it? How on earth can the dead looking trees and bushes all of a sudden have those cute little buds that grow into flowers? God is a great God, isn’t He? His creation is all new in the springtime. It is a time when he had his son die a terrible death for all of us, but he also had his son resurrected on the third day! I often think that is why he had the Easter season in Springtime. He brings to us the buds on the trees and bushes exactly like a resurrection. Everything seems brand new in springtime. doesn’t it?


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