The Harbinger

Have you read the Harbinger by Jonathan Cohn? If you haven’t, buy it now. You can get it at any book store or you can buy it on line by Kindle at Amazon. It is even on CD or DVD. He said in A Word From Jonathan that even before he wrote the book he made a recording that prompted people to hold showings of it in their homes for guests and churches began showing it in their services. because of that he began to write a book.

He says the book was writing itself. The words just flowed out as if the message was meant to go forth in book form. He didn’t expect it to go forth as quickly as it did and become a national best seller. He also says he has received messages from all around the country, Bible study groups have been formed and many people are coming to the Lord.

In one state every member of the legislature, including the governor, has received a copy of the book and several members of Congress have sent Mr. Cohn their feelings concerning the book.

I too, have read the book twice and I have ordered his Bible Study on the book which I intend to use by having a study at my home, It is a book telling in story form, the revealing of ancient mysteries of the warnings the People of Israel had. It  is the same as we have today and explains the destruction of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and how 2,700 years later the World Trade Center towers were destroyed on September 11, 2001. The prophesy in Isaiah 9:10 is used by Isaiah and also by many high ranking persons in our national government today.

Please read this book It will change your life as it has mine.


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