Have We Set Ourselves Up For Trouble

Have you been thinking something bad is going to happen because of the 18 trillium dollars we owe mostly to China? While this is bad, what we have done to God is much worse. Theorists have been saying a judgement just like in Israel when the Assyrians took over their land will come in September of 2015! I’m not sure of that date but I am sure that God is not pleased with us.

We have taken God out of your lives by making laws killing our babies before they are born. We haven’t made a law against homosexuality but we have made laws about gay marriage. We have made Christmas a secular holiday. I think this is the worst when even the day spells Christ mas. It is a crime to place a replica of Jesus, Mary and Joseph anywhere on public property. Our schools  must not sing Christmas Carols or, heaven forbid, pray or read the Bible and even some of our churches are saying the Bible, God’s word, is not all truth.

I remember when, during the great depression, neighbor depended on neighbor. the barter system was in full swing. If a neighbor needed something, his neighbor would trade it for something he needed. the churches were considered the social place to go, not only for their spiritual needs, but for meals and get togethers of all kinds. A prayer began the day of school and Bible readings were always part of the day. Christmas was always Christmas in our schools. our civic lives and our churches. We were truly leading our lives like our forefathers set up our country to live. Or didn’t you know our forefathers dedicated America to God? We haven’t been following that rule at all, have we?

We can change all of that just by returning to God. He is anxious for us to return to him. He has promised in His Word that if we humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways asking forgiveness, He will forgive our sins and heal our land. That is a promise we all should keep.


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