This Sunday Is Palm Sunday

Time seems to be going too fast, at least for me but Palm Sunday has come upon me when I wasn’t expecting it. I am a Lutheran but I have been attending a Pentecostal church since I don’t drive any longer and they are quite close to me. The things I miss most is the Lenten and Advent services. Palm Sunday, Christmas and Easter are not talked about nearly as much as in the Lutheran Church.

It isn’t that Pentecostal people don’t present the cross of Jesus, His Resurrection and his birth. Of course they do! But the preparation is much greater when  we have the Lenten and Advent services a few weeks before the actual celebration day. At least I think so and so my grandma’s thoughts have been on my mind lately.

I am thinking of those folks who don’t know or care about Jesus and his life. It seems to me that there are so many of them lately. I can remember when everyone talked about God and Jesus. Now, we hear those words coming from people who are cursing.

We see people holding up their hands at The Voice television show and we hear shouting loudly at Blazer basketball games, but we see none of that in our churches. It’s almost like we have decided God and Jesus are not here in America these days. What’s wrong with us anyhow? We have more to cheer about! I’m not advocating not cheering for our singers or our basketball players. We need to let God be God in our lives and be happy that our sins can be erased through believing in Jesus.

Now that I’ve got that out of my mind, are you ready to celebrate Easter Egg and Bunny day or are you this year going to celebrate God and Jesus? That is the question for your family this Easter.


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