It’s Hard To Be Over 80!

It really is difficult to be over 80 these days. Everything seems to be going too fast. And nothing lasts at all. It isn’t only the computers, tablets and cell phones either although those are out of date after a year! I have talked to several ladies who say the same thing about tome going too fast but they don’t even own any of those things. I have a computer and a tablet but I thought a smart phone was going too far so I bought a dumb phone.

It’s difficult when the kids and grandkids come home and they don’t have much to say but they are busy talking or playing games on their tablets or cell phones. All is quiet, too quiet! They don’t think anything about it. It’s just the way to live these days.

But still time goes whizzing by. You look at the news and hear things like Issis  chopping another head off a Christian and yet we, here in America don’t do anything about it! We just don’t seem to care. If those radical Islamics came over here, we’d care! There have been thousands of Christian men, women and little children killed, churches burned or bombed and Christians trying to run away but I guess we are too busy on our tablets or smart phones.

When I was a kid, Herbert Hoover was our president, we had no electricity in our small town, we had a few cars around but most of the farmers still used horses in their fields and to get around. Washing clothes was an all day affair and the women always hung them outdoors. We learned our math, history, reading and science very well and there seemed to be time to visit our next door neighbor where we really talked. There was always time to play games outside too. Sundays were always quiet, no stores were open but churches were packed and Sunday afternoon was family time. We talked about what we did during the week and took naps. Time just seemed to go slower even though we had to work harder.

There are times I wish we could go back to those days, but I am sure I would want to stay in today where we have all the things that make life easier. Maybe it isn’t so hard to be in the 80’s.


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