What Were They Thinking?

Did you have a “Jesus is risen” kind of Easter? I hope you did. My thoughts were on Saturday. I don’t think very many people were thinking about what was going on that Saturday, I know I never have. But this year, that’s what I thought about.

Put yourself back to that day. Judas had killed himself, Peter had sworn he had never known him, The rest of his close friends had run away to hide. They surely didn’t want to be killed! Only John stayed by Mary, the mother of Jesus, to the end. They had watched him scorned, spit on, lashed with a rope with a sharp metal piece at the end and finally he was crucified. They weren’t prepared for that!

On Saturday all of them were sorrow filled. The close friends came out of hiding and were in a room somewhere. John and Mary and some other folks joined them in that room. They wondered if they should go around the country giving the messages that Jesus taught them, or forget him completely. yet he had told them he would die and come back again! They couldn’t understand. Why did he die like that! Together they must have felt sorrow, confusion and anger all at the same time.

I think it must have been a terrible Saturday for all of them except Mary, who had experienced the angel coming to her, telling her that Jesus was the Son of God! She knew he would return and waited patiently for him.

Well, their sorrow ended on Sunday and so should ours! Jesus rose from the dead and entered that room where his closest friends were! Can you imagine the happiness they felt on that Sunday? There was no question, they would carry that message we still hear! Yes, our sorrow should end too, if only we remember that Saturday! Our Easter would certainly be more joyful

And so we still hear the messages because of those men. Isn’t it amazing who God uses to spread his Gospel? Perhaps he could even use you!

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