Am I Really Old?

I was looking at a television show about relics the other day. A man brought out some guns and some letters from World War II. Then he brought pictures of a mine sweeper ship. Everyone at the show expressed awe about what he had brought! I thought that was strange because I was there when World War II was going on. Those things couldn’t be relics, now could they?

And that wasn’t all! There was a style show too. Out came some young girls wearing bobbie sox and broomstick skirts. Why, I wore them and it seems like a short while ago! What has happened to time anyhow? Those broomstick skirts took a long time to dry, You wrap the full skirt around a broomstick and just let it dry.

There was a couple of women all dressed up for church, their hats set them off! I’m seeing a few women wearing hats again. I’m all set for a return of them. the men are beginning to wear hats instead of caps and I like that too.

But I guess I have to face it. I’m old. I’ve gone all the way from no electricity or “in the house bathrooms” to computers in nearly every home. Tablets have really changed from being a bunch of paper held together with glue and we could do our homework on to looking at your tablet and seeing the whole world before you.

I guess I can feel old too, My arthritis is kicking up and I can’t walk as fast as I once did. But I try to keep as young as I can in my thinking and doing things and I really don’t want to wear those bobbie sox and broomstick skirts any more.


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