My Daughter Runs For God

Today I am thinking about my daughter’s healing because she just told me she would be running the marathon near the Canadian border this year. Other years she has run the “Mt. Hood To The Beach” and one in the mountains near Bend, Oregon. Before each one she says “It’s for God”. I’ll tell you why she says that.

Our daughter could not run or even walk when most babies were learning. It became very concerning. We were running from doctor to doctor until she was three years old. One children’s specialist told us we could get her a brace after her bones developed, probably around age ten. Then, a friend of Frank’s, my husband, called me. She told me that Bobbe had been on her mind all day. She wanted us to take her to Maranatha, a church in  Portland. A man was visiting there and he had the gift of God using him in healing.

I balked. I told her many people were praying for her and that was enough, but she was consistent. She called again asking me to ask Frank when he came home from work. He, at first, said no but we figured these were our marching orders from God, so we went.

It was a rainy Friday evening and the church was full of people we were not used to. Most of them were young people wearing beards and dirty cloths. We talked about going home but felt like we should stay. The pastor finally asked those who wanted healing to form a line. We were reluctant but I took Bobbe in my arms and stood up. After a while Frank stood up too, but he whispered, “Look at some of the people laying there on the floor. Boy are they ever play acting. I think we should get out of here!”  I shushed him because we were getting closer to the man.The man, I can’t remember his name, prayed for Bobbe but didn’t touch her. She screamed loudly, not like any scream I had ever heard and a lady told me to sit beside her and quiet my little girl down.

I got her quieted down and began looking for my husband. I figured he had run out of the church but the lady pointed to him. He was lying on the floor! Just the thing he had told me before, that they were play acting. He told me later that he had tried to get up but a voice said, “I’m not finished with you yet” and pushed him down again!

We watched her closely all day on Saturday but saw so progress. On Sunday afternoon, Frank had to take his Little Leaguers over to the park to have their pictures taken. Our son, Ronnie was one of his leaguers, and  Frank was the manager of the team so I went along taking Bobbe with me in her stroller. She wanted to get out so I spread a blanket on the ground, but she would have nothing to do with it and instead began to run back and forth! Ronnie and Frank saw her running and came over! They were crying as I was. It was a wonderful day and we surely thanked God for what he had done. She has been running ever since!

So, this is why Bobbe runs for God. And maybe you will agree with me that our God can do anything!


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