Music has changed too.

We Marshallairs were Performing at a residence for Seniors last Thursday. It is our custom to go around the room visiting after we finished singing. Four or five people told me that they could hear the words for every song. I suppose that was because we sing the old songs and they remembered them but we sang some new songs too. Some of the songs we sang were  ; Lullaby of Broadway, a medley of songs written by Irving Berlin, The World is Waiting for the Sunrise, O Soldier Will You Marry me? The Old Lamplighter and Amazing Grace.

I am a fan of The Voice on Television and most of the songs they sing  those of today which my son says are familiar. I wouldn’t know because I can’t understand their words and it seems screeching rather than singing is the method of singing today. However, it’s fun to pick the winners and losers. Why is going up high and screeching so important? Just watch the judges. They  sit there listening until the screeching and loudness begins and all of the sudden they smile. Some of them even stand up! They are too excited to sit down. But they do listen to the voice of the person singing.

Why are the songs and ways of singing so different today? My grandchildren like to listen to Bing Crosby or Nat King Cole as much as I do. But they like the new music too. I am trying to like the new music, even the screeching and loudness. But I surely would like to understand their words. I have always thought that bringing the people you are trying to reach a message, whether it be a love song or a hymn. My son thinks it’s my ears but I don’t think so because when I hear a new song and the person singing is singing without screeching, I can understand the words. I still say “Let’s bring back the good old songs of the past.”



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