My Mom

My Mom died fourteen years ago. She was almost 101 years old, but I think of her most when I was a little girl. She had to carry the water nearly a block in order to wash clothes. My brother and I would help her whenever we were not in school. We carried pails full at a time and it took a long time to get the washing machine and two rinse tubs full enough. I remember falling down spilling the water all over me. Mom just laughed and told me she wouldn’t have to wash my dress, I had done it.

One day I invited all my friends to my birthday party. They all came. The trouble was I had never told Mom about the party. She was very frustrated, but she pretended all was ready. She sent my brother to get some ice cream. She had already baked a birthday cake for me so she spread out the cake and ice cream on our dining room table while we were playing outdoors. She even found some decorations to put on the table. After the party, Mom scolded me, but she smiled and said it was a good party and she didn’t have to worry about it ahead of time!

She was also my Sunday School teacher. I didn’t like that one bit because she expected me to know everything she asked the class. She would go around the class expecting a right answer but if she didn’t get one she’d call on me. I had better know the answer!

Mom never told me she loved me until one day she was on respite care in my home. I knew I was waiting for her to tell me she loved me. It seemed I was waiting for years to hear her say that. One day she raised her head off the pillow, looked me in the eye and said, “I love you, Yvonne. I cried and hugged her saying “I love you too, Mom.

The lesson for this week’s blog is this: Don’t wait until your loved one dies, tell them now you love them. And don’t wait telling God how much you love him. Days go into weeks.  weeks go into months and months go into years faster than you realize. Why not do it today?


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