Webster says a fence is  a structure of rails, stakes, strong wire or wood erected as an enclosure, barrier or boundary. also to ward off, keep away. My fence has nothing to do with any of those things except wood. It surely won’t keep anyone out!

Last year I told you about the severe cutting of trees north of my home.The contractor of several homes plans to build his home and two others also “north of my home.” I also told you about the pond I built also  “north of my home.” The pond is right out there, kind of in the middle and “north of my home.” It is not the cozy place I pictured when I built it.

Yesterday was my birthday. my daughter and her husband came with their car loaded with wood. They said “We are here to build you a fence for your birthday.” And build it they did! They made a cozy little place beside my pond. Now this fece isn’t to ward off or keep away anything. It just keeps me from seeing the houses down the hill from me.

I am very happy and appreciative of my daughter and her husband and can’t wait until I fix the area real pretty for summer. I can’t do that because I am recovering from a concussion. Nuts, anyway!

By the way, my fence is just 16 feet long and 6 feet high and isn’t at all a structure of rails, stakes, string of strong wire erected as a barrier or boundary, but it is a cozy place to sit and relax. You are invited to sit along with me!


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