Why Worry?

The whole world is in such a mess I almost think I could fix it up faster than all those who are supposably in control of things. We find Christian men, women and children all standing up for their faith in Jesus and we think that is a wonderful thing, except they are now having their heads cut off, burned in a cage, or crucified because they are Christians.

We, Americans, are guilty. Our churches are not really mentioning those poor people yet Isis wants to come over here soon. Are you prepared to say, as one little girl said when asked if she would leave her faith, “Jesus has always been with me. No, I will never leave him.” I imagine there have been many statements like that made when people are asked if they would leave their faith, become Muslim or die. Our government is not doing anything about it. Why?

We’ve done nothing about it either. I hope all of you are praying, not only for the Christians in the near east, but also for our country. We have many things to pray about but the greatest of things is that American families have walked away from God. It’s hard to remember that he is in control of everything and when he sees corruption he will judge us. He’s done it before. Just read the Old Testament in your Bible and you will see. In fact, it would be good to take the Bible from your shelves and read it to your children. Why? Because our children have seen prayer and the Bible taken away from them in our schools.

This is a hard blog to write. Id much rather talk about fun things like building a pond and now having my daughter and her husband building a fence which isn’t really a fence beside the pond. please think about the things written here. I’m talking, not only to you, but to myself as well.



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