Is God Angry?

I’ve been thinking about those Christians in the near east who are consistently asked this question: “Will you give up your Christian faith and become a Muslim ? Or, if you don’t you will die.” Yet we do nothing for them. I have heard that there are hundreds of thousands of people that have been killed, and maybe there will be more killed than the holocaust of the Jews back in World War II. One little girl said when asked that question,”Oh no, Jesus is my best friend!” Then those monsters chopped off her head.

We did nothing when the Jews walked into the gas chambers, but can’t we do something about the killing going on now? I read about retired military men signing up, giving their own money to purchase the arms, travel expenses, food etc. They are going to the near east to fight Isis, but shouldn’t we, at least, help these men?

I heard about that fellow who was taken into court with the men 0f Isis to find out whether or not he was a Christian. They released him because they couldn’t find any evidence. There are so many churches in every town in America, we certainly could find some evidence here, couldn’t we. Our government is doing nothing, but can’t we somehow stop the killing going on there!

I am in my eighties so I probably would be no help if I went over there, but I can pray, and so can you, even if you can’t do anything more.  Let’s pray harder than ever for this killing to0 stop. Let us prove that we have lots of evidence that we are Christians.





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