I Am Thankful. I Can See!

I went outdoors early this morning, It was clear and bright, The evergreen trees around my home seemed to be smiling, their green appeared so green and as if they had just been washed. The sun was sprinkling little shadows between the evergreen branches. And the sky…Oh. it was such a pretty blue! First, I thought about the people in the south states where they may have lost their homes and everything in it because of the terrible tornados they have recently experienced. All they could see was devastation and ruin. Then I thought of the thousands of Christians who have lost their lives by Isis using their talents of beheading, or burning them alive because the people wouldn’t give up their faith.

And then I thought of my grandma. She could see nothing at all!  She was totally blind and could not see the beautiful morning I had just experienced.  She always listened to Ma Perkins, a soap opera, and the Grand Forks Chiefs, a home town baseball team, Her feet would move back and forth when either of them got excited, but her feet would be still when she was praying. She prayed for everything but I knew she prayed for me.

The thousands of Christians are seeing much more now. They are seeing Jesus. But somehow we must stop the killing! I don’t know what we can do except pray. But this we must do. And we must help by giving to our favorite charity who is bringing food and shelter to those flood victims. My grandma is seeing better these days and she is seeing Jesus too.

I guess we, in the northwest should be very thankful and we should pray for those less fortunate then us.






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