What’s happening?

Why are they, and I don’t know who they are, keeping us from knowing too much about CERN? Have you heard about it? I know it is the largest microscope ever built. I also know the head scientists from most countries of the world have worked on it for years. It is big enough that its tube goes through Switzerland and part of France! The entrance pictures a god of the Hindu religion. It is scheduled to be opened soon. I guess that’s about all I know about it but there is quite a bit of speculation in the internet about CERN.

I have heard they are trying to find out what the black stuff between the stars is and whether or not there is a heaven up there. I feel that it’s much like the tower of Babel in the Bible where people from all over the world, at that time, came to work on it. They were trying to build the tower up to the heavens. Well, you know what happened to that venture. It’s written in the book of Genesis in the Bible. God caused the tower to be torn down and the people were each given different languages because He said if they were successful nothing would be impossible for them. What about CERN?

I have also heard that CERN could destroy the world when they open it. You can read all the speculations on You Tube. The main stream media seems to be very quiet about it. You would think anything built as big as CERN would be in the news all the time and that is my concern. I decided to write this blog on CERN so you could be aware and  find out more about it.


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