Love Is The Answer

A group of people were meeting for a Bible Study last Wednesday evening. They were completely absorbed in their study when a man, a boy really, entered the church. He pulled out a gun and shot nine of them, why? No one knows but the families of those killed were aware and yet they said, “We forgive him.”

The next morning as a mother was taking her two children to school  found she needed gas in her car so she stopped at a gas station.  A black man started toward her. Probably because of all the trouble in cities everywhere, she felt a tendency to run. The man said, “May I help you?” Her fear quickly ended.

As he was filling her car with gas, she talked with him. “I’m going over to the church where the shooting was last night, ” I really feel I have to go and help those people who lost family members,” she said. “I’m going too,” he answered. The two people hugged and prayed.

When the two of them got back into her car, her little boy asked, “Will this happen in our church too?” Right away mother decided to take her two children to the church too. They can go to school a little later, she decided. As they drew near the church they saw hundreds of people singing Gospel songs. And she saw the families of those who were killed in front of the people.

The white mother and the black man hugged again. Mother said,”Let’s find someone to take our picture. I want to remember everything that happened today,”

The picture was taken and they joined all of the folks singing “This Little Light Of Mine.” All of them joined hands. The mother whispered to her little son, “See how they love one another. That’s how all of us should act.”

Quite a difference from the way other cities acted, isn’t it. Maybe it shows we can make it! I mean turning our country around. If everyone acted like the mother, the black man and everyone who was at that black church that morning, we sure could. I call it a miracle!


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