A Visit To The Fourth

Did you have a good fourth of July? I did. I thought It would be a quiet one. One family was at Lake Tahoe, I was pretty sure another family was at a dog show somewhere and the other family lives at Rio Rancho, New Mexico so I was pretty sure they wouldn’t be here. And the weather was hot! So I put on my coolest clothes that still covered me up. I didn’t want my 80+ figure to show too much! I began to watch the Hallmark Christmas movies and expected that to be the exciting fourth of July!

My son, who lives with me said, “I’m going to grill some brats around five o’clock if it isn’t too hot out there.”

I thought that was fine, but in late afternoon my dog show family turned up and in early evening we had a full fledged barbecue in our back yard. They had brought chicken to grill and potato salad plus quit a few pieces of firework for later.My son make a great salad and we had the brats and buns and drinks.

After the barbecue we sat around my pond and talked. That was nice because they are always at dog shows with their three dogs whenever my daughter isn’t at work and my two grandchildren aren’t at school so I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. When it got dark enough we all headed for a safe place to set off our fireworks. I hadn’t monkeyed around with them since one of those “snakes,”I think they call them, took a run after me and hit me right between my legs! The crotch of both my slacks and my panties were burned, to say nothing about my skin! But I was game to try it again.

There is nothing so beautiful as watching my grandchild running and jumping with sparklers in hand! Her eyes were sparkling as much as the sparklers. My daughter said I looked as happy as a child. In fact, she told her daughter to take my picture. I really enjoyed the beautiful lights she put into the sky. It was almost 11 o’clock when it was time to clean up the mess we had made.

We broke up our party around midnight and, although I was very tired, I thought it was the best fourth of July ever. Now is the time we must save our country. Let’s all wake up and work together on bringing back the country we once had. The freedoms we once enjoyed are quickly disappearing, Maybe our fourth of July or even Christmas will soon be illegal. Wouldn’t that be terrible?


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