Why Are We Here?

I woke up this morning with that question, only the question on my mind was “Why are you here?” I figured that must be the question all of us have at one time or another so I ask all of you the same.

God made each of us for a purpose and he gave each of us the tools to complete that purpose. He did more than that. He gave us trees that bloom and those that stay green all of the time. He gave us fruit to grow and eat. He gave us water to drink and oceans to look at, travel on and eat its produce. He also gave us mountains to dream upon and climb. He produced land where we can see for miles and farmers can grow our grains and let their cattle grow fat and good for us to eat.

There is too much to mention so the question looms, “Why are we here?”  Have you followed His purpose, have I? God has given us much. Yet we have used up all the land, cut down his trees, and thought all of this is for me! The Bible says we are here to glorify God. That’s what he wants and how do we do that? He loves us and we must love him back. We must worship him and thank him for everything he has given us no matter what! I must worship him and thank him for my two husbands who were good to me for many years before they died and my two little sons who died before they had a chance to live, all because he wanted me to fulfill his purposes for me.

It is good to ask this question. many of us have thought only about ourselves. We have worshipped the god of money or entertainment. We must know that God gave his son, Jesus, so that all our sins can be forgiven, so why not start today to ask for forgiveness for all that is wrong in our lives and start anew with God and his Son. Just ask that question, “Why am I here?” and you will find the answer and you will find out that you have somehow forgotten God.



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