It Ain’t What It Used To Be

America isn’t what it used to be, is it? I was thinking today about people born in the eighties or nineties. Why, they are in their thirties now and have no idea how things used to be! And, these kids will be running our country soon! They don’t know anything except abortion is lawful, Christmas Carols and creches are illegal in schools. Prayers and the Bible are illegal in schools. The ten commandments cannot be displayed anywhere.Gay marriages are legal and pastors cannot preach against homosexuality even though the Bible says it is a sin. Boy, that is a list isn’t it?

And, we are to blame! That is the truth. We have watched things grow worse day by day and year by year without thinking anything about it. Oh, we talked about it in groups but we didn’t stand up against it by calling our representatives or voting. Sometimes we forgot to vote at all. It wouldn’t be strange at all if God judges America, would it?

When I was a kid, God and Jesus were talked about in nearly every conversation. The stores were closed each Sunday. About the only thing open were the churches. We never heard about homosexuality and our schools had Bible readings and prayer every day. Christmas was really Christmas everywhere. The flag was important to everyone. Sure, there were people who didn’t live that way but they were in the minority.

It isn’t too late. God has still given us the good life. Although many of our freedoms have been taken away, we still have some. Let’s band together with our neighbors and friends and make some changes in our country. How about it?


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