Electricity, A Necessity Today

I’m thinking back, way back to the time when there was no electricity. I don’t think I ever thought such a thing could be real!

I thought about electricity quite a bit when I heard on TV that our electrical grid is not particularly safe from terrorists tearing it down. I thought, “Well, we’d go back to the way we had it in Northern Minnesota. That would be nice!”

It was a quieter life. Only oil lamps to do my homework by. And we had no modern bathrooms, only those cold outhouses and the Sears Roebuck catalog. We had horse drawn school buses and the horses stayed at a barn at our house. We had to make our own music and we were lucky there because my dad played the piano. Otherwise, we had to wind up our victrola to listen to music. It never sounded good. We walked everywhere, in snow or rain. We had a car but it had only flapping canvas windows so it was cold in cold weather. We had to carry all our water from the town pump. That was especially hard whenever it was bath time or time to wash clothes. Often we took our baths in rinse tubs after using the tubs for washing clothes. And of course, heat came from wood or coal.

I liked it, I think it was because we didn’t know things could be different even though the cities in America had electricity at that time. However I really think I liked it because families were much closer those days. The churches were open all day and people came there just to visit. If one family had a problem they didn’t suffer alone. Their friends were there with them.

But, could we even live without electricity these days. I think not. Folks are so engulfed in their tablets or cell phones, they have no time to visit and everything is done for them, like microwave ovens, dishwashers and clothes washers and dryers. I don’t even like to think about economy! We would be devastated. So I guess we have to take it as it comes, don’t you think? We will have to pray that terrorists don’t know how to mess with our  electricity.




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