I Solved The Abortion Problem!



I lost my two boys, one who lived about an hour but was a healthy looking boy of over seven pounds, and the other was born at eight months and I had carried him dead almost a month. I still remember their birthdays, one is coming up on August 8. My brother in – law was a carpenter and he had some mahogany boards in his shop so he made two little coffins. They were buried in the same cemetery  lot a year apart. My dad, who is a pastor, and my husband were the only ones at the burials. Later we bought and placed a little stone lamb on the site.

Now, granted, I didn’t have an abortion, but I didn’t see either of those boys when they were born, but I grieved them just the same. I believe those mothers who, for some reason or another, aborted their babies, grieved too, and wondered what their babies would become. I figured out a way, not only to end abortion but to give the mother a time to grieve. At the same time it would end that awful thing of selling the poor babies parts.

Here is my solution! I think, after the abortion, the mother should be given the baby to bury him or her the way she wants. Those who hope to make much money selling the baby’s parts would end, and the mother, after seeing the little box, would cry for awhile and would never have an abortion again! After all, the baby is hers and she should have the ownership of it.

My solution might seem a little extreme, but if every mother was given a little box where her baby lies, I think abortion would end. It certainly would end that new business of selling the babies parts! I suppose the solution would be considered too extreme in this day where right seems wrong and wrong seems right, huh?


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