Oh Those Spider Webs!

The dry weather we’ve had in the northwest has made everything seem dead, except the spiders. It’s especially bad when we step outdoors and walk into a spider web! Even though you have walked outdoors in the same place a few hours ago. I can’t imagine where the little fellows came from but they surely like the warm and dry weather.

I grabbed a broom one day and was prepared to brush a spider web from a corner of the room next to the fireplace. The sunlight from the window lit up the web, making it shine like silver. I stopped. What an intricate design! I have crocheted pretty doilies and Christmas tree ornaments, but none nearly as beautiful as this. How long has the spider worked! I cleaned there a few days ago! Somehow I was tempted to leave it there. Would the spider cry if I destroyed her work? But I took my broom and brushed the web into the straw. Does a spider mourn?

Don’t we throw away our minutes that way – sweep them down never to see them again? We watch things on TV we really aren’t really interested in. Why not do something good for someone who needs a little help? Who knows? You might make something beautiful of their lives. And, it is certainly true to make something beautiful of yours.


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