My Senior Moment

My senior moment came about a week ago when I was fitted with hearing aids. I thought to myself, “I’m just not old enough for this.” After the gal put the hearing aids in my ears, my daughter went out in the hall and talked to me, I heard her!  There have been many times when she talked to me, I just smiled and shook my head yes, thinking she wouldn’t know I didn’t hear her. And she wasn’t out in the hall then, but right beside me! It was an eye opening thing for me. I decided right then that I was old and I’d better make some decisions about how I would live the rest of my days. Hear is some of the things I decided.

  1. I will continue walking with God. That’s the only way to live.
  2. I will not turn back, lie down and say ” I’m an old woman. I’ve traveled a long way, and some of the roads weren’t paved.
  3. I’ll focus on how young I feel instead of how old I am.
  4. I’ll keep in mind that I can’t be over the hill without first getting to the top.
  5. I’ll remind myself that being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable.
  6. I’ll realize that old age is the time when former classmates and friends are so grey and wrinkled they don’t recognize me.
  7. I am going to laugh at my troubles today because I may not have anything to laugh at when I get older.
  8. I Thank God for setting me free from the fear of aging and the care about other people’s opinion or approval but help me to shine in the light of your love, no matter what challenges I may face.
  9. I look forward to the day I receive those hearing aids. The gal told me it would be 10 days. Now it’s only 7, and I don’t remember when I’ve looked forward with any more excitement than this. I will hear again!

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