Return To God

I didn’t write a blog last week because I was ill, but now I am fine and ready to fill your heads with my thoughts,

Im wondering if the reason so many of us aren’t standing up  shouting, “America is turning away from God!” is that WE have turned away from God. Other gods have taken his place. We think mostly about ourselves and our “things”. Such things as our homes, our money, our cars and whatever else has taken God’s place. Oh, we go to church when it is convenient and we pray when we need something but God isn’t first in our lives.

Now, we know that God has left our schools and our children don’t hear much about him at home, so what will our country be like when these children take over our government? We also have people selling baby parts after abortions, and marriage has lost it’s meaning. I could go on and on about how we have left God out of our lives.

We must turn back to God today. when we read the Old Testament we find that God has judged many nations for not following the ten commandments. Couldn’t he judge America too? Let’s return to God and live the way he has told us to live. The only thing for us to do is stand up for the things he would want and our country will return to what it once was.

It’s pretty tough thinking for me, Isn’t it? Maybe you’re thinking I shouldn’t get  ill very often, huh?



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