I Avoid Trash, Do You?

My son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths. Proverbs 1:15

“I’m not going to read that.” My husband slammed the book shut and set it on the table beside his recliner. He was ready to return another book to the library–unread. He has been gone now for over eight years but I think about it every time I watch a television show or order a book on Amazon that sounds good, at least the remarks about the book reads good. It isn’t good at all. The explicit sex scenes and foul language disgusts me. Sometimes the writer seems to be a great writer too. So, why does he have to put in trash? If he must use those awful words, I figure he or she is not the writer I thought he was!

Some might argue that reading or watching explicit and foul language is harmless entertainment. But those scenes plant unwholesome seeds in our minds and whether we want to admit it or not, once we plant them they start to take root. It is like a weed that grows in your garden. If we let them grow, they will soon take over our garden. The easiest way to control those little seeds of trash in our minds is to avoid letting them get started. Once we feel comfortable reading or watching that trash  we are apt to let it creep  into our lives. We have the right to expect wholesome words, don’t we?


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