The Ant And The Sloth

We should be like the ant and not at all like the sloth when it comes to standing up against the things you don’t like the government doing these days. I’ve personally not seen a sloth so I had to look in the internet how they live and I sure don’t want to live like them!

God made over 12,000 species of ants and they have colonies in every country of the world. Killer ants attack larger animals in order to protect their nests. There are ants who, when they come to a gap on their path actually form themselves into chains. the chains become a bridge and they cross over on the other side. If they face something more serious than a gap they band together and form a raft! Even the book of Proverbs tell us to be like the ant and in verse 6:6 reads that we should consider it’s ways and be wise.

The sloth is the laziest and slowest moving animal on the world. They move so slowly that when they eat it takes them eight days to digest their food and a whole month to eliminate the waste. Most of the time they just hang in the trees and sleep 15 to 18 hours a day! If a female moves around enough, she will have a baby every year, but moving around is a lot of trouble so that doesn’t happen. We surely don’t want to be like the sloth, do we!

We have an abundance of things to stand up against.  Let’s just take abortion for example. Even if you are for abortion,which I think is murder, but I know you don’t like taking the little baby, slicing it up and then selling the parts for quite a bit of money! That is one thing we should stand against. Paying Iran millions of dollars and making some kind of a deal with the country that says they want us all to be dead should be another! I guess I won’t say anything about the nineteen trillion dollars we owe. This will tie our grandchildren down all their lives!

Yes, we all have things we should stand against, but do we? Not very many of us are and we can expect things to get worse unless we act quickly. We can’t even expect God to  take things our government is doing much longer. He has judged other countries, especially Israel, and you can read about it in the Bible. Both Republicans and Democrats are doing wrong so we should be very careful who we vote for next year. We must vote for who will be more like the ant and a whole lot less than the sloth.


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