Are You A Christian?

A couple of weeks ago a bomb threat was posted on a bathroom door in a local high school. It turned out to be a hoax, but because of the shooting at the Oregon college my daughter wanted to talk about this to her two girls. The older girl, who had just gone through that bomb threat in her school, was asked by her mother, “If you were asked if you were a Christian, what would you say?”

The girl was quiet for awhile but then she said, “I guess as long as Jesus died for me, I can do the same for him.” My daughter hugged her and said. “I surely hope that you are never asked that question,”

Later, she asked her younger daughter, who was in the seventh grade, “What would you answer if you were asked if you were a Christian?” She answered quickly, as if she had been thinking  about it. “I’d say yes and then hand him a swift Nelson. He wouldn’t know what hit him!”

Isn’t it awful that our children are growing up with fear.The Christians in Syria, Iraq and wherever else are constantly asked that question, what’s to stop them from coming over here? In fact, they now have in the college in Oregon. We have two questions to ask ourselves, Are we going to stand up for what is right rather than just worrying about our country? And are we Christians or not? Think about it. All of us must do that.


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