We Can Count On Fall!

I believe that fall is my favorite time of the year. I don’t know why, but my spirit does. I just get happier, that’s all!  Even when those beautifully colored leaves fall over my sidewalk and driveway I’m happy. The air has a fresh and crisp feeling. I love to hang my clothes out even if it costs me more ironing. I have several big maple trees around here and I love it when it is dry so I can walk through the leaves and hear that crunchy sound. I’ve done that since I was a kid.

I don’t care much about halloween though. The costumes are getting more horror bound every year and I wonder if the devil has something to do with that! When I was a kid all we had was parties where we dove for apples and carved jack-o-lanterns. The older boys tipped over the outhouses in town. Parents were upset about that. Halloween seemed more like a fall celebration than the scary one we have today.

And, those Columbus Day sales! I guess they try to have a sale for every holiday that comes around. I don’t think they even know what Christopher Columbus did or that he accidentally discovered America in 1492. All the people know is that is a good time to have a sale.

Anyhow I love this and every fall season. I don’t know how some do not believe in God. The trees all drop their leaves in the fall. It will look as if they are dead. But in the spring we will see tiny leaves begin sprouting again. Summer is harvest time when fruit and wheat and much else is taken from the trees or fields and winter is a time of resting, knowing that spring will come again. A great and loving God could only arrange that.




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